DP Module - DPAppliance

The StrongAuth Data Protection Appliance™ 2.0 (DPA) adds the CryptoDocument Orchestrator Module to include the ability to orchestrate the encryption of tens of millions of documents within a business application.  This is in addition to the encryption, tokenization, strong-authentication, cryptographic module, high-availability and open-source licensing model bundled in the flagship StrongAuth KeyAppliance.  Designed and built in Silicon Valley, the DPA delivers What is ALESA? to help mitigate the risk of data-breaches in a single solution - so you can sleep easy at night.



CDO Module - DPAppliance

CDO Module for large-scale orchestration...

  • Manage the flow of documents into/out of a Data Protection Infrastructure
  • Encrypt/Decrypt documents synchronously or asynchronously
  • Scale cryptographic services automatically based on workload
  • Use public or private cloud storage for automatic storage and recovery of encrypted documents
  • A single webservice API for applications - no cryptographic plumbing required in business applications
  • Use FIDO-based authorization to enable the decryption of documents
  • HA and DR capabilities included with automatic replication


KA Module - DPAppliance

KA Module for PCI-DSS, HIPAA, FFIEC, ....

  • Encrypts, tokenizes and manages billions of data-elements (PAN, SSN, DOB, .....)
  • Generates and manages tens of millions of encryption keys (AES, TDES, ECDSA, RSA, ....)
  • Delivers end-to-end encryption using ANSI X9.24-1 2009 (DUKPT) algorithm
  • Uses CC-certified cryptographic hardware module for key-management (FIPS-certified HSM available as an option)
  • Ensures applications can always receive services through HA clustering
  • Blistering speed - greater than 300 webservice operations per second (WSOPS) per node
  • Exceeds PCI-DSS requirements for encryption and key-management controls


Automate - DPAppliance

CE Module for file-encryption, digital signatures, ...

  • Encryption Engine to encrypt files of any-type-any-size; store keys on-premises while storing encrypted-files in public/private clouds
  • Encrypts tens of millions of documents across the enterprise: images, audio, PDF, business documents, ...
  • Signing Engine to digitally sign documents/code - uses FIPS-certified HSM for signing key
  • Integrates with any application that can call a webservice over the network


Tokenization - DPAppliance

FE Module for FIDO U2F Certified strong-authentication

  • FIDO Engine with a FIDO Certified U2F server to enable strong-authentication to web-applications
  • Manages tens of millions of registered ECDSA keys
  • Works with any FIDO Certified U2F Authenticator (Token)
  • Eliminates password-compromises and phishing attacks to web-applications
  • Smartcard & Digital Certificate type strong-authentication without the headaches of smartcards and digital certificates



CC Module for end-user secure file-sharing

  • A ready-to-use web-application to share files, protected by your own on-premises key-management system
  • FIDO-enabled to require strong-authentication
  • Eliminate the need for password-based authentication inside corporate networks
  • Integrated with Active Directory and Oracle Access Manager
  • Integrated with AWS S3, Microsoft Azure, Eucalyptus Walrus for cloud-storage

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WSDLs and XSDs

Our appliances only use webservices to provide cryptographic capability; this makes it possible to integrate to the DPAppliance within an hour. Point your IDE to the WSDLs shown here to generate stub-code you can use with the Sample Client Code shown below.

CDO Module

  • CDO WSDL Coming Soon

KA Module

  • PAN Encryption WSDL
  • PAN Encryption XSD
  • CCS WSDL (for DUKPT processing) Coming Soon

CE Module

Sample Client Code - Java

Sample Client Code - Other Languages



Support - KeyAppliance
  • Monday - Friday Business Hours (PST)
  • 24 x 7

Both options include telephone/e-mail support, hardware warranty, appliance bug fixes and updates - including major versions.


FOSS License


FOSS - KeyAppliance

The StrongAuth DPAppliance™ uses free and open-source software (FOSS) licensed under the GNU Library or Lesser General Public License version 2.0 (LGPLv2). This means that you don't pay us for every application that uses the appliance for cryptographic services - encryption, tokenization, FIDO registration or authentication, etc. You also get the full source-code to the components of the appliance to modify and use in accordance with the terms of the LGPL.